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Rated 8/10 

-Engadget Bedphones Review

The most comfortable headphones for sleeping.

-Bedphones Review by Elliot Media Group

The flat design is extremely, extremely comfortable.

-Bedphones - The Most Comfortable Headphones

You can hardly notice that you've got them on when you're asleep.

-Bedphones Review - The Earphones For Sleep

Rock out on those long flights.

-Jet Magazine, pg. 37

Global News Canada:


ABC News Good Morning America:

#1 on List of 10 Gift-Worthy Gadgets

-Budget Travel Magazine, Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012

There’s no doubt that they are far and away the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever worn in bed [...] For people who find it hard to sleep ($30) really doesn’t seem much to pay for a product that could genuinely change their lives.

-Trusted Reviews

These comfy, flat, pillow-safe earbuds are a small invention, sure, but also a wonderful one.

-Popular Mechanics

You'll probably forget you're wearing them.


The ideal solution for roommates on opposite schedules.

-Family Circle

By far one of the cleverest headphones we've seen.

-XINMSN Tech & Gadgets

Bedphones are just what music-loving insomniacs need. 

-XINMSN Gadget of the Week

Designed to allow listeners to enjoy music as a comforting lullaby.

-Rolling Stone

Sleeping with a pair of headphones on is, at best, uncomfortable. That is, unless you happen to own a pair of Bedphones.


Sleep the whole night soundly.


With Bedphones and its accompanying app, you can drift off more comfortably.


Snooze without worrying about the uncomfortable pressure regular headphones might put on your delicate head while its resting against a pillow.


Should keep even the most restless of sleepers happy.

-The Globe And Mail, Toronto 

If you need to listen to tunes to make the bad thoughts go away before beddy-byes, then these cushioned cans are spot on.

-Zoo Magazine 

Genius, and for only $30. 

-Hack College

Thin enough that comfort may not be a problem.


Ultra light, wafer-thin... made specifically for those quiet intervals between wake and sleep. Choose your own lullaby.


Rock yourself to sleep.

-Guy Kawasaki

Thirty bucks isn’t that high a price to pay for domestic bliss.

-Holy Kaw

The satin eye mask that comes bundled is probably the icing on the cake.


Wow! Someone’s finally thought about it and executed it to perfection. The possibility of headphones that are designed to be comfortable as you lie down and enjoy your music will bring smiles to troubled faces and scarred ears. 


The light and comfortable headphones make not only sleeping better, but are also ideal for traveling and are adjustable to fit tightly for physical activity.


It’s always a pleasant sight to see a product emerge that aims to solve a fundamental daily problem that people actually face on a daily basis.